Comprehensive Planning

Comprehensive Planning is focused on the future and helps establish community goals and objectives. It is visionary in that it identifies where and how citizens would like to see the physical development of the community take place. Planning is a process that helps a community prepare for change, rather than react to it.

As part of the Comprehensive Planning Legislation, people are given better opportunities for participation than before, particularly in the early stages of plan development. Citizen participation in the development of comprehensive plans is essential for a number of reasons:

  • Ensures that good plans remain intact over time.

  • Promotes strong public buy-in for the plan.

  • Reduces the likelihood of conflicts between councils, boards and planning commissions.

  • Speeds the development process and reduces costs associated with the project.

  • Increases the quality of planning.

  • Enhances the sense of community trust in government.

During the planning process, citizen participation will be made available through a number of methods. Some of those will include visioning and nominal groups, public meetings and workshops, information and education sessions, and open houses at the local and county level. All meetings related to the development of the comprehensive plan are open to the public and your participation is strongly encouraged. Check with your local unit of government to find out when upcoming meetings are scheduled.

Plan Commission Officers


Michael Wech, 2403 Jenny Rd., Manitowoc, WI 920-682-2781

Dennis Bernhardt, 1804 Jenny Rd., Manitowoc, WI 920- 684-5936

Donald Knuth, 1423 Silver Creek Rd., Manitowoc, WI 920-682-5131

Robert Nelson, 1610 Goodwin Rd., Manitowoc, WI 920-684-7220

Scott Anhalt, 925A E State Hwy 310, Manitowoc, WI 920-683-9208

Guy Gustafson, 912 Koeppel lane, Manitowoc, WI 920-684-0013

Dale Markwardt, 1402 Goodwin Rd., Manitowoc, WI 920-682-3244


Insert from the Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commission Newsletter

The Commission has been working on a multi-jurisdictional planning project with Manitowoc County and 18 of its communities since August 2007. The first year of the planning process involved the development of the Manitowoc County Comprehensive Plan Resource Document, which consists of background information on natural resources, population and housing, economic development, transportation, utilities and community facilities, and existing land use. Three midpoint open houses were held in various parts of the county in April and May of 2008 to allow public viewing of the county background data. In the Summer of 2008, the Commission initiated the local planning phase of the project to develop local development strategies and future land use maps. The comprehensive plans for the individual municipalities are scheduled to be completed in late Summer of this year. Work will commence on the comprehensive plan for Manitowoc County this Spring with adoption of the county plan scheduled for December 2009.